10 new habits to kick-start your work-life in the new year!

What are you going to do now to make sure you have your best year ever?

Start the day being happy.
The way you begin the day sets the tone for how the rest of the day will progress, so it’s best to start with something that makes you happy.

Be flexible.
Embracing a flexible workweek can help to curb heading towards burnout. Everyone, including you, deserves to find a balance within their work and personal life. So take a life-admin day when you need one, or work from a new location to spice up your workday.

Plan ahead
Get into the habit of writing down the essential things you want to accomplish throughout the day. Then, schedule them in. it can be hard to stay motivated without a team around you, so by writing things down, you make yourself accountable. If you share a calendar with your team, continue inputting your tasks.

Recharge in between meetings.
Use the walk to your next meeting to recharge. Put your phone in your pocket, and check in with yourself. Notice your surroundings, the weight shifting from side to side as you take each step, different muscle groups engaging. And hey, while you’re at it – take a breath!

Remove roadblocks.
Are there any meetings, people, or things keeping you from completing their daily work and reaching your goals? Remove whatever roadblocks there might be to increase your efficiency and boost performance & productivity.

Start meditating
Adopt an easy group meditation routine – even 5 minutes – to help focus on thoughts, develop more self-awareness, and, of course, will boost focus and productivity.

Develop boundaries
Create and uphold healthy boundaries for working after hours (when unnecessary) and during time-off. For example, use out-of-office replies and to lean on their team while away.

Praise others.
Take the time to celebrate the people around you. Bring everyone together to refresh and rejuvenate to help forge more robust bonds within the team and across your business.

Finish work on time.
We all know that our productivity level starts to fade by Friday afternoon, so don’t waste time sitting there pondering what work you should be doing. Save it for Monday.

Foster positivity
Staying positive will serve you by lowering stress levels; if you notice someone is down and out, show a healthy example by smiling more, celebrating co-workers, and fostering gratitude among your colleagues.

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