Google brings Smart Replies to Gmail on iOS and Android

 When Google launched Inbox, its more experimental next-gen email client for Gmail, one of its flagship features was Smart Reply. With Smart Reply, Google’s machine learning algorithms look at your incoming emails and then suggest short, three- or four-word replies (think “Sure” or “Yes, thank you”). w_443,h_900,al_c,lg_1/b95584_ab5e813fb3b04201949f163d864057eb~mv2.png   Until now, this feature was only available in Inbox and the Allo messenger, but as the company announced today, it’s now also coming to Gmail for iOS and Android. Unsurprisingly, this feature works exactly like you would expect it. Just like in Inbox, when you reply to an email, Smart Reply now appears at the bottom of the screen and offers you up to three potential replies. You can also start your reply with the Smart Reply option and then edit it or add more context. In my experience, Smart Reply often works quite well and has only improved since launch. When it goes wrong, it’s often pretty comical, but given that you never have to rely on it, that doesn’t really matter.   This feature is now rolling out globally in English, with support for Spanish coming in the next few weeks. Original article by –

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