Current trends in consumer behaviour around the world.

A good product or service is no longer enough to win a consumer over. We’re witnessing consumers wanting more than just quality; they’re actively looking for products and brands that align with their personal values.

Here are some trends around the world making noise.

Health Conscious.
In a post-pandemic world, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that consumers are far more health-conscious than before. According to Accenture – 80% of surveyed people reporting that health is a top priority, supported by 78% who were most concerned with their own health.
With increased messaging around handwashing, wearing protective masks and quarantining indoors, health and hygiene will remain most likely stay at the forefront of everyone’s minds. So what does this mean for consumer behaviour? It points towards more online shopping experiences, fewer physical touchpoints in-store, with self-checkout capabilities expanding. Businesses should also look into the latest technology to help shoppers feel safe when shopping in-store or participating in connected experiences.

Mental health awareness.
With most consumers recognising that they experience stress, anxiety, and burnout in their daily lives, there are unique opportunities for brands to create accessible and approachable content and products that positively impact and support mental health awareness. Brands need to consider their customers’ mental health and aim to do what they can to keep them, particularly in a post-pandemic world.

Simple online experiences.
For your consumers – everything is happening in real-time, which is why you need to focus on a service that provides immediacy, personalisation and easy accessibility for your customers. When it comes to customer service, more than half of all consumers now expect a response within one hour, and they require your business to be accessible and on-demand, 24 hours a day, seven days per week.
Embracing automation can significantly make your customer experience journey easier and more convenient for potential buyers. All businesses should now offer multiple channels for contact, including phone, email, social media, live chat, and even text message.

In the face of climate change, consumers are becoming more aware of the consequences of their buying habits. Sustainability is no longer subpar. It’s now a sincere trend across many industries as environmental interests become top of mind for consumers.
Recent research reveals Gen Z is leading the way to environmental action; They are increasingly only purchasing from brands who care for the planet and put that care into clear transparent action.

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