How Going Green Will Improve Your Business

There’s no denying that as we look forward to the future of workplaces, environmental issues must be factored into how workplaces are designed and run. We are currently seeing a shift in large commercial workplaces already going green, producing a more sustainable environment in the design and layout of new buildings and infrastructure.

As small business owners, there are lots of reasons to consider administering sustainable practices within your business, not only is it good for the environment, forming a sustainable workspace for your employees will truly improve productivity, shave enormous costs off your bottom line and will enhance the health and wellbeing of your staff.

Don’t fall behind by believing a sustainable workplace is too large of an objective for your business. Here are 3 concrete reasons why you need to go green today.

You will save your business money.
Because we’re talking business lets start with the result most businesses are traditionally invested in, reducing costs. Making small changes such as simply turning off lights and shutting down computers when they are not in use, refilling printer ink cartridges rather than purchasing new ones will save your business money.
Though, the most significant impact on your savings when going green will be in the improvement of your staff’s overall health and wellbeing. How? By investing in better air quality, lighting and greater overall green initiatives, you will see a drop in staff absenteeism and an increase in overall productivity – producing a more profitable business.

It will Improve overall staff morale
One of the most obvious ways a workplace can improve staff efficiency and productivity is by providing a more comfortable work environment, Studies have confirmed the value of creating a healthy space and services for staff, leads to an improvement in their level of happiness and satisfaction with their employer. Staff who work in healthy and well-designed environments are more likely to be satisfied, productive employees.

You will attract and retain the next generation of workers.
Sustainability is a key factor for the new generation of workers who will soon dominate the workforce. They themselves are committed to making social and sustainable impacts and expect the same from their workplaces. Having a strong reputation for sustainability will be a key differentiating factor especially among millennials, a group that’s growing quickly in buying power, influence and presence in the workforce. They are not interested in working for employers who disregard the environment or cling to out-of-date processes.

We understand that building a sustainable space from the ground up isn’t an option for all small businesses, so we’ve put together a quick list of Simple OITC GREEN Tips:

  • Go paperless (if cutting out paper completely isn’t an option. make sure you recycle all paper)
  • Get rid of single-use plastic within the workplace.
  • Set up recycling bins around the office, with dedicated bins for glass, paper and plastics.
  • Allow people to work from home as this cuts down on carbon emissions from commuting.
  • Install energy-efficient lights in the office and consider sensor lighting for bathrooms and other places that don’t need to be constantly on.
  • Invest in new eco-friendly furniture. Good-quality pieces last longer and can be more intelligently made and comfortable for your staff.
  • Add some greenery to your office.
  • Choose to work only with sustainable suppliers
  • Switch your power over to a renewable energy supply

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