How to Create Trust and Brand Loyalty with CMO Clare Smith

“Brands need to realise that although customers don’t always have trust at the forefront of their minds, when things start going wrong (within the economy), it’s trust that comes to the forefront when deciding where to spend money. ” Clare Smith, CMO at Vinomofo

In the current business landscape, one of the most important aspects of any customer experience is TRUST. Customers generally don’t want to do business with a company they can’t trust. If you are a business owner you should know that your clients are your biggest assets. Without them, your business would not thrive; in fact, there would be no purpose for your business at all. By building real trust between you and your customers, your business’s loyalty will improve, your bottom line will increase and your employees will feel encouraged.

There are many ways you can build trust between you and your customers. – let’s start with our favourites

Firstly and most obviously be authentic. Simply put, this means staying true to who you are, what you do and who you serve. People trust companies based on their online activities, so ensure what you are sharing with your audience is consistent, valuable and also conscientious of your clients.
If you can be honest and make that connection, you will be far more likely to inspire the kind of loyalty that drives to long-term business success.

Secondly, Make sure your business is as secure as possible.
Companies need to secure their customers’ payment data. making this a priority will strengthen the trust in your business, and will be a key ingredient to continued growth.
If you’re an online store, you need to ensure your website offers secure payments, otherwise, people will feel less confident to spend money on your site and may cause them to tell others of their distrust in your company.

Finally, trust is never more important than when something goes wrong. If at any time a client has a negative experience, it’s imperative they receive quick, helpful and exceptional customer service,
Whenever possible go all-out in your customer service. make sure your customers feel heard and understood, and go out of your way to make them happy – even if the solution is costly.

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