Is trust the new consumer currency?

In 2021, consumers are searching for an emotional bond with brands more than ever before — and that connection is built on trust. By fostering absolute trust between you and your customers, their loyalty will improve, your bottom line will grow, and your employees will feel inspired.

Here are our top tips on how to gain customer trust and confidence. When brands deliver on each of these qualities, consumers take notice.

Be real
Simply put, this means staying true to who you are, what you do and who you serve. People trust companies based on their online activities, so ensure what you are sharing with your audience is consistent, valuable and also conscientious of your clients. If you can be honest and make that connection, you will be far more likely to inspire the kind of loyalty that drives long-term business success.

Prioritise security
Companies need to secure their customers’ payment data. Making this a priority will strengthen the trust in your business and will be a crucial ingredient to continued growth. If you’re an online store, you need to ensure your website offers secure payments; otherwise, people will feel less confident to spend money on your site and may cause them to tell others of their distrust in your company.

Be proactive
Trust is built when a company listens to its customers, takes action accordingly, and keeps its promises. If customers have a negative experience at any time, they should receive prompt, helpful, and outstanding customer assistance. Whenever possible, go all-out in your customer service. Make sure your customers feel heard, understood, and offer them comfort and a prompt solution – even if the result is costly.

Create & share testimonials
Testimonials can be a powerful medium for demonstrating the worth of your products and the prowess of your service. A positive customer review will serve as more than a glowing review; when used well, it can earn your business a competitive edge, develop brand recognition, improve growth, engagement and sales, and grow trust. Use video or image-based testimonials on your social media and watch the immediate progress across all of your marketing goals and KPIs.

Use social media
If you own a business or are the business, you need to be active on social media. It’s no longer simply enough to have accounts sitting there with pre-generated content; you want to be active and use your platforms to build your audience and enhance your customer experience and trust. Consumers trust companies based on their online activities, ensuring what you’re creating and sharing relevant and helpful to your audience.

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