Mental Health Focus with Antoinette Sagaria.

We spoke with an OITC friend, past FND Guest and Director of Property Advisory at Entourage – Antoinette Sagaria on the year that’s been, how she prioritised her mental health and whats she’s doing daily to keep herself in check.

Can you sum up your 2021?
What a rollercoaster! I came into 2021 full of hope that the challenges of 2020 were behind us, and unfortunately, the year has turned out to be worse in many ways. It’s very difficult to keep up morale with such uncertainty, but I can confidently say that I can’t wait for 2022!

How have you prioritised your mental health and the mental health of your team?
I have tried to be as mindful as possible of my mental health and those around me. I’ve been a lot kinder to myself this year in that I haven’t put myself under as much pressure to keep the wheels turning. If anyone has needed a break, we’ve taken it, which is all we can really do.

Are you using any mental health resources at the moment?
I quite like using meditation apps but most of all, I’ve been using my apple watch and counting my steps; I see this as being a mental health resource as good as any other as it sets out a goal, it’s regimented, and it’s good for you.

Are there any mental health initiatives you are going to implement in the near future?
Lockdowns have forced us to really reconsider how we tackle people’s ability in that we need to be more mindful of people’s personal circumstances. Life gets in the way of work now more than ever, so we’re likely to be more flexible in the day to day expectations of staff. If people need time off or take time out, I think it’s important for them to feel that our workplace is a safe space to ask for that support and flexibility. I think we’ll also be doing more mindful exercises and activities throughout the year.

What are your three non-negotiables daily or weekly to keep your mental health in check?
➖ Walk every day and try and get to 10,000 steps.
➖ Allow yourself indulgences; for me, that’s a bit of gelato, or a cocktail or butter popcorn…yes, daily!
➖ Be consistent seven days a week with sleep; wake around 6:15 am and lights out around 9:45 pm.

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