Self-Care Habits to Adopt While WFH

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed by everything happening in 2020, be reassured you are not alone with so many of still working remotely and feeling disconnected from our regular lives, it’s so important that we all practice some serious self-care.

Try meditation
The greatest learning about mediation is you don’t have to meditate for hours to see results, take 10 minutes out of every day to sit quietly and concentrate on your breathing. The hardest part of mediation is making it a daily habit. So on your next work break, try a guided meditation or relaxation technique from one of our fav apps Headspace – the app takes you through the basics of meditation, with progress pages to track your stats and reminders to help you with your practice. Meditation is certainly one of the most accessible self-care practices that absolutely anyone can adopt!

Be proactive about exercise.
There’s plenty of ways you can fit exercise around your work life. Just getting up every hour and go going for a walk around your house or doing some stretches will go a long way. You may choose to start your day with a light exercise if you are a beginner or pump up some iron if you are a pro. Exercise every day for 15 minutes or more to keep your muscles moving, and active – this will make a world of difference to your productivity and overall happiness.

Embrace healthy foods
What we eat is a massive part of our everyday life, and even more so when we’re looking at how to take care of our health and happiness while working. Eating the right kind of food can give you added brain power and increase your energy levels, so it’s essential to eat healthy food during stressful situations like working during a pandemic! While you’re working hard, it’s great to try and eat foods that help with brain function and resist the urge to mindlessly snack – remember, self-care is all about wellness.

Practice Self-Awareness
In 2020 its hard not to be overwhelmed and no one would blame you for having moments of feeling absolute dread, but in these moments your mind is telling you to slow down. Your feelings of overwhelm are your mind’s clever way of protecting you from harm. Self-awareness can be one of your most valuable assets. There are many ways to improve self-awareness. From setting boundaries to practising self-discipline, you can become more self-aware in a variety of ways.

Stay Positive and Spread Happiness
As humans, we have a negativity bias, which means we tend to pay more attention to what’s wrong than what’s right. But practising positivity can help to overcome this natural bias, leaving you feeling so much happier, more creative, and more resilient as a result. So it might sound cliche, but its time to start your day on a positive note. This action alone will make a HUGE difference to the rest of your day. Being positive or forcing yourself to think positively will serve you by lowering stress levels and will give you an overall feeling of confidence. If you notice your colleague’s morale is down, show them a smile and compliment them – positivity is contagious!

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