Setting Up & Running a Start-Up is Not Easy – Boost Productivity With These 6 Tips.

Setting up and running a start-up is not easy. So here are our tips on how to increase productivity as a start-up.

Be clear from day one.
Creating a clear company structure, defined roles, and assigned KPIs gives you and your team a feeling of trust and increases accountability, both extremely crucial to any start-up’s continued success.

Invest in the culture.
You need to invest in your workplace culture from the day you hire your first employee. First, define what kind of culture you like realised as the business grows and clearly describe your mission and values. An investment in culture is a real way to boost revenue, improve your branding, and establish yourself as an essential and, of course, a fun place to work.

Be as efficient as possible.
Multitasking is a myth – It divides focus and attention, leading to oversight and poor outcomes – so ditch the idea you can do everything at once and carve out time for each responsibility. Efficiency is all about getting the most out of your resources and time.

Allow your staff to be part of innovation.
One of the most accessible actions to ramp up your business is building a culture where all ideas – the good, the bad and the absurd – are supported, valued and considered. Make a conscious decision within your startup to create new and efficient ways to better internal processes and improve customer journeys. The power of involving staff in change allows for more opportunities and innovation based on what they experience day-to-day.

Invest in marketing tools.
One of the greatest mistakes Founders make is trying to do everything by themselves. One way to get ahead and improve the productivity of your marketing operations from day one is to integrate social media management tools, a proficient CRM system, an effective email marketing platform and calendar management technologies.

  • It makes it easier to see the big picture of the business
  • Personalised marketing campaigns
  • Reach your customers directly and efficiently
  • and more.

Give more to your team.
This might seem puzzling – but fiving more responsibility to your staff is a great way to improve the productivity and job satisfaction of your team. When morale is flat; take the opportunity to give more responsibility to qualified and proven employees. Empowering them to gain skills and leadership experience will benefit your business in countless ways, including a boost in productivity. It will provide your team with a sense of progress and direction in their role.

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