Simple Ways to Recognise Your Remote Employees

Are you looking for simple ways to recognise staff working from remote locations that actually work?

When deciding how to reward staff it’s important to remember the value of human connection, social interaction, and collaboration, even when staff are working from various locations.

Here are simple ideas on how to successfully recognise staff right now.

Keep in touch
Staying in regular contact with your employees like you would have been in the office should be number one on your “how to recognise and reward staff” list. As an employer, you can now easily create a collaborative work environment with all your employees and associates virtually. Remember: a video conversation has more of a qualitative impact than a regular phone call.

Say it publically
Being recognised publicly from the company boss is a totally different feeling than being thanked privately. Public support is a great way to inspire and motivate your employees. You can do a group email blast or an announcement during a virtual business gathering.

Continue to Provide Professional Development
A popular way to reward and recognise staff while working remotely is by providing them with professional development opportunities, you could increase their responsibilities, or provide online mentoring or sign them up to online advancement courses.

Host an Online Team Building Activity
Team building exercises are a successful part of any employee appreciation program. Just like in the workplace you can hold virtual team-building exercises for all your remote employees. These could be an employee show and tell where each team member will take a short video showing off their home and some of their favourite things and/or a voluntary virtual book club – with assigned reading materials or a Friday 4 pm wine club.

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