Small Changes to Boost Your WFH Productivity

As so many of us become accustomed to working from home, it’s important that we all know how to minimise distractions and stay focused. Here are some small changes to boost your WFH productivity levels:

Write it all down
Writing everything down not only stops you from forgetting details, but it also allows you to prioritise your daily or weekly tasks, and you can then set realistic and attainable goals. Nothing else really pleases us more here at OITC than ticking off our finished tasks.

Ask yourself – does it really matter?
A failure to see the bigger picture, or end goal, can sometimes cause us to waste time and use a silly amount of energy. So, when you’re wrestling with decisions over small or menial tasks just ask yourself, does it matter? Will it affect our end goal?

Use the word NO more often
Telling people ‘no’ can feel like hard work or an impossible task (especially for the people pleasers), but agreeing to everything is not productive. In fact it can deliver the opposite! Saying ‘no’ allows you to make space for the tasks that matter, gives you breathing room and can allow for other people to lead for a change.

Use meetings effectively
Its pretty simple, cut your meeting time in half by setting a clear agenda. Only invite necessary attendees and always clock into your virtual meetings on time.

Block out time for yourself
Having constant obstructions to workflow, no matter how quick, can make you feel more hectic and can reduce your productivity. Our simple trick is to block out time in our calendar every day and use that time to get through your workflow peacefully.

Delegating will save you
The key to delegation is to have people within your team or workplace ready to complete tasks efficiently and effectively. Make sure to set boundaries, keep track of their progress, and provide support when needed. Just make sure you control the urge to micromanage!

Give these tips to boost your WFH productivity a go and see how it changes your day-to-day

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