Social Media trends to apply to your content today.

Social media trends move and change at an impressive pace, making it hard for those outside the industry to know what they need to add or subtract from their social content.

Here are our five ideal additions for your social content this year.

Use Instagram Stickers
Instagram Stories stickers aren’t just a fun way to add more personality to your stories — they’re also beneficial for growing your brand online.
If you’re trying to improve your engagement, drive traffic to your website, or even make e-commerce sales, there’s an Instagram sticker that can help you get there.

Put text filled images on your feed.
Food pics are our, and text-heavy Instagram are in! Text on feeds is exploding in popularity once again. Take the time to get creative with text-focused layouts that encourage comments, shares and saves. Think quotes, current trending topics, quotes or social issues & awareness posts.

Gamified content.
Not sure what we mean by gamified? Think of all those polls, questions, and surveys your seeing influencers fill your screens. Gamified content is trending—, especially on Instagram and Facebook, however LinkedIn and Twitter also have the capabilities. Whether it’s quizzes or ‘choose your own adventure’ style posts, asking audience questions – these are a fun way to encourage interaction on social media.

Go Live!
Pretty much every platform offers a Live component. And this year, its time to embrace it. Why? You get on-the-spot engagement and instant feedback. Social media live streaming has created another way to have conversations directly with your buyers.

Facebook Groups.
Facebook may be one of the OG social platforms and a regular part of your social media strategy. Still, you might not know how powerful a marketing tool Facebook Groups could be for your business.
Groups are designed to promote intimate engagement between your members. It’s a great way to share insightful content and creative conversation starters.

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