The 5 Key Ingredients to a Winning UX in 2021

With more businesses shifting their marketing budget to User Experience post COVID – we thought we would explore what’s trending in the UX space for 2021.

So, to get the most out of your website, we bring you some of the leading trends in UX space to boost your businesses overall appeal online.

Less is more
In terms of UX, the quicker you can get your customer to an outcome, the better. By minimising friction, you will see your conversion rate rise significantly. Do this by reducing the number of clicks you require your customer to go through before you convert them. Make sure your sign-up forms are the right length and always remember less is more. Make sure your site is optimised and have pages load in less than 1 second, be responsive and easy to navigate.

Be super clear
Consumers are demanding a high level of user experience – particularly in a post COVID landscape. Provide your users clear, descriptive instructions and highlight calls-to-action or buttons you want customers to press. These simple steps will increase customer satisfaction, conversion and customer referrals. Don’t forget about mobile compatibility – in 2020 Consumers spent 25% more time on mobile apps than desktop.

Embrace voice
VUI or a Voice User Interface can boost your site’s online presence and leave its mark on your users. Virtual assistants and voice chatbots have managed to gain prominent ground this year. They have transformed the way consumers search for information, take notes, and generally, changed the way they use the internet.

Adopt GOOD Microcopy
The term “microcopy” refers to the tiny tidbits of copy found on websites, This type of copy tells a user what to do, provides context to a situation, and can help inform the greater story about your brand, service, and the way you do business. It’s a great way to boost your UX – as it gives a unique tone to your website and allows to you get even closer to your users. These small bits of text need to be closely brand-related, be concise and should be clear to make an impact.

Don’t stop reviewing!
It’s vital that you continually test for the best conversions and rate your customer satisfaction. Analyse your user data and feedback and use that to optimise their user experience. There is a bunch of products available to track this data and to help you maximise your website efficiency and effectiveness.

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