The future of social media.

What is the future of social media? Will it continue to grow and change the way we interact? Will younger generations post less as they become more aware of its addictive nature? Where is it heading within the e-commerce landscape, and how will it continue to shift the marketing landscape? With the world changing so fast that the compelling question is what will happen next?

Here are our thoughts on where social media is heading.

People will be active across multiple accounts.
The days of only having a presence on one social platform are over. While it was common only to have Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pre-2021. With the rise of specialised platforms like TikTok and Clubhouse, the number of social accounts per person has increased among all demographics. This multi-networking effect reacts to the increasing number of platforms options. For businesses and marketers, this cements the need for an omnichannel experience – which is all about providing your followers online the ability to start their interaction with your brand on one social media platform and then quickly and efficiently continue that experience onto another social platform.

Payments directly through social media platforms.
eCommerce within our favourite social media platforms will be a significant focus in the years to come.
While Facebook currently has its peer-to-peer payment tool through Facebook messenger, allowing its users to send or receive funds via the platform conveniently. We believe most social media will follow the lead – creating less friction for consumers when purchasing directly through the apps.

How we consume content will change
If you’re not already incorporating video into your content, now is the time! Video content will continue to dominate the content – why? It’s undoubtedly more engaging as it appeals to peoples visual and auditory senses together. For Marketers – it’s the ultimate storytelling tool to help get a brand’s message across to consumers.
Following in a close second ( we think it will probably take the lead) is Audio, with Podcasting becoming the fastest-growing medium and ClubHouse growing as the place to be – Audio is a unique storytelling tool and allows audiences to listen to content while they do other activities passively. Listeners don’t have to shift time away from what they’re doing to focus exclusively on audio content. Instead, they can listen while they’re walking, running, cleaning the house or working.

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