These tech platforms will help to keep you sane this year.

What will the biggest tech and digital transformation trends be for 2021? What will workplaces look like in a Post-Covid landscape? Over the next year, you can expect to see more digital transformation than the last decade, with every change finding itself accelerated and at scale. 

So how will you use the tech to advance you and your business productivity in 2021? Here are our top suggestions to expedite your success. 

You will use tech platforms to keep you sane. 

Online task management tools:

These handy platforms will allow you to stay on top of daily responsibilities, giving you and your teammates one place to collaborate – sharing documents, spreadsheets, checklists, and chat. Here at OITC, we use the online platform Quip to keep our team connected and productive. 

Email management tools 

It will be easy to stay on top of your inbox with these handy email management tools. These smart accessories help to get rid of information overload, prioritise messages and efficiently organise email workflows.

You will keep using video conferencing. 

After the year we’ve all had, one thing is for sure – flexible workplaces are here to stay. How we communicate with our team has been completely reworked over the last year, with most interactions happening over Zoom, Google meets or Microsoft Teams. These platforms are here to stay, and so is the expectation to work from anywhere and any device. 

What’s here to stay?

Using video conferencing apps like Zoom creates more opportunities for the free flow of information and feedback, a necessity for maintaining remote workforce engagement.

Communication is vital with all employees, but it’s even more imperative for remote workers. To ensure remote team members feel included, use platforms like Slack

Businesses everywhere will use chatbots.

If your website isn’t interactive, now is the time to upgrade. Online chat support services and 24/7 customer service via social media is taking over the customer experience. Using time-saving, productivity-boosting and revenue saving applications will set you apart from the competition.

Here at OITC, we use Qualified – to have meaningful sales conversations with qualified buyers when it suits them! 

Marketing operations are set to evolve -again! 

Tech advances in 2020 have allowed for incredible and proficient marketing plans to be created easily. In 2021 these advances will accelerate productivity within marketing teams ( especially if adopted early) 

Try integrating these with your existing project management tools, CRM system, and your social media planning/scheduling devices. 

  • Calendar management tools
  • Project management tools
  • Artificial intelligence software, such as internal chat systems
  • Social media scheduling apps
  • CRM software – it makes it easier to see the big picture of the business

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