What we do at OITC to Prevent Burnouts, Especially Leading into the Silly Season

Here at OITC, we are working hard to build a successful and profitable business, which has at times meant working long hours, eating at our desk and sacrificing our wellbeing. As business leaders, we knew from the beginning of OITC that we needed to find and put in place simple ways to encourage staff at any level to recognise the symptoms of ‘burning-out’.

So what do we suggest you do to prevent your people from burning-out during the silly season? Here are our really simple tips for keeping them healthy and happy.

Talk to each other

Make sure every voice is heard and acknowledged. As a manager, it’s your job to motivate and lead your employees and to allow them to take on responsibility in the workplace. Hold regular meetings, both as a team and one-on-one. Focus on the positives and show your appreciation for their efforts before communicating the negatives, and offer praise on a regular basis.

Remove any roadblocks to success

Are there any policies, tools, people or equipment keeping an employee from completing their daily work and reaching their goals? Removing whatever roadblocks there might be will increase workplace efficiency and boost performance & productivity. Setting your employees up for success directly impacts their well-being and self-worth.

Believe in and practice a healthy work-life balance

Set clear boundaries and expectations for working after hours or at home, time off and availability. Make a rule of not contacting staff after working hours and make use of out of office replies – the emails can wait! Managers set an example with their actions, and when managers or executives support well-being improvement and a healthy work/life balance, employees will follow and respect these boundaries for themselves and others.

Recognise, reward and create a community within your workplace

Encourage employees to leave an hour early after a particularly stressful day. Schedule weekly team lunches, go on a walking meeting or plan a team-building activity that brings everyone together. Taking the time to celebrate your employees and bring teams together to refresh and rejuvenate helps to forge stronger bonds and create loyal, hardworking staff.

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