Where are some of our favourite technological advances headed?

How will some of these advances in tech change the game in 2021?

TikTok commerce
Social media titan TikTok spent 2020 exploring new e-commerce features to monetise viral content, ramping up the competition. This year we’re going to see those explorations come to life in a big way – starting with affiliate marketing tools, including product links for its influencers and product catalogues as well as live-stream shopping.

Gaming to become a Social Network.
Developers are beginning to transform video games by incorporating innovative ways to socialise within the virtual environment. With socialisation features now part of video game DNA, gaming is positioning itself as a new social network on the block.

AI democratised at scale
There is an increasing need for the democratisation of analytics. With more companies turning to augmented analytics techniques to help identify patterns and complex data sets to improve the decision-making processes, there also needs to be an emphasis on improving access and encouraging adoption by less tech-savvy workers. Enter the rise of chat-bots, intuitive interfaces such as Slack, and the use of no-code and low-code applications.

Smartwatches and fitness bands have one great advantage over phones and other devices: they are always on our body – and they have the potential to expand use beyond tracking our fitness and making payments. In the not so distant future, they will become increasingly accurate in collecting your body’s activity to help predict health concerns; there will be more personalisation and autonomy around permissions.

Culture-matching content
With a flooded market, a fixed spotlight on social media and consumer behaviours changes thanks to 2020. Businesses promptly need to make sure their content & perception matches the current cultural interests and focus. Does your business make a positive contribution to society? Does it reflect the viewpoints of your buyer?

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