Which Salesforce AppExchange Apps are our top picks for 2021?

We could spend our days talking about the many reasons we love Salesforce. Still, one of our favourite and undeniable advantages of the platform is AppExchange – Salesforce has its own trading application store offering its users access to over 3000 apps!

Here are our top picks:

Formstack allows you to create Salesforce forms and surveys with no integrations or connectors. Offering powerful form tools for seamless Salesforce data collection and delivers powerful solutions for businesses of all sizes. We love it because you can easily track, manage and develop customer relationships with one easy-to-use platform.

Qualified is a unique conversational marketing platform designed to work seamlessly with complex Salesforce configurations. Employing Qualified™ can help your business gain more leads and grow a pipeline. It allows you to capture your potential buyers and clients while they’re active on your website through Live Chat and can record who’s visiting your site, who they work for, and everything your company needs to know about them right into your Salesforce Org.

Calendar Anything.
CalendarAnything is a unique visualisation platform that increases your overall visibility for opportunities, campaigns, tasks, events, and any standard or custom objects. Our clients love using CalendarAnything for marketing campaign control, resource allocation and project management and more. Being a Salesforce calendar app, the tech works flawlessly with your Org to help you obtain your maximum salesforce solution.

Conga Composer.
Don’t waste time copying and pasting information from Salesforce into documents; using Conga Composer, you can automatically extract the information straight from Salesforce records, merge it into templates, and present your users with final documents instantly. It lets you design documents like presentations, reports, contracts, policy documents and more with the click of a button. You can easily customise for specific audiences using PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, and many more.

Breadwinner (Xero integration).
Xero is accounting software for all your business needs, including creating ample reports, real-time view of your cash flow, invoice managing, unlimited users and much more. Breadwinner is the app that connects your Salesforce org to Xero to bring your Xero data into Salesforce’s reporting system. Through the app integration, you can build out customised dashboards, improve automation, and create notification features, allowing you to efficiently view all your customer information.

Mercury SMS by Aprika.
Mercury SMS gives your business the ability to send and receive messages from a live component. Easily send outbound messages to individuals or bulk lists, easily receive inbound SMS’s, and you can choose from a library of templates or create an ad-hoc message. SMS’s can be generated and triggered by your workflow rules in the system- to be sent automatically. They can be made to send automatically – once generated off your workflow rules, and you can easily create records based on incoming messages, such as creating leads or cases.

Mission Control by Aprika.
Mission Control is the ultimate project management tool ( we use it here at OITC!) This ingenious app allows you to track your projects every step of the way easily, compare your projected data with your actual outcomes and allows you to identify where you can improve your future clients’ productivity. It can manage projects of any size and be customised to suit your business needs to enhance productivity with budgets and goals.

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