Why you need to align your employee experience to your customer experience.

Is there a direct link between employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and improved business performance? While most businesses focus heavily on customer experiences, you should never overlook your employee experience. 

Here’s why. 

Reason 1:

Offering an excellent EX will result in delighted customers.

From our experience – a happy and engaged employee will focus on improving every part of your customer journey and customer experience because they genuinely care about the product or service. Customers will receive individual and customised attention. It’s your employees who influence the behaviour and attitudes of customers. 

Reason 2: 

If you acknowledge and reward staff, it will lead to happier customers.  Workplace culture is a significant driver of employee engagement leading to better customer satisfaction. A fully collaborative culture that promotes healthy competition provides a space for engaged employees to try to do each other in sales and customer satisfaction. Traditionally Sales teams are hungry for acknowledgement and can be a primary driver. Make sure you continually call out and reward the efforts of your staff – this will leave them aspiring to improve the customer experience continually. 

Reason 3:

If customers believe companies look after their employees – they are likely to outperform their competitors.

Thanks to 2020, consumer behaviours shifted towards focusing on the principles and values upheld by the brands they chose to interact with. We’re calling this conscious consumerism. For example, the companies who didn’t provide safe or fair conditions for their employees through COVID-19, or looked to be seeking to profit from the crisis, immediately saw customers turn away from them. There has never been a better opportunity to change and adjust your company’s culture. 


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