10 Ideas for Creating More Productivity in the Workplace

Looking for new approaches to boost your teams productivity? Here are our fundamental tips to create more productive employees and get them excited about their work and contribution to your businesses success.

Give more to your team
Encourage staff to delegate. Yes – there is risk involved; however, increased responsibility is an innovative way to improve the confidence and job satisfaction of your team. When morale is flat; take the opportunity to give more responsibility to qualified and proven employees. Empowering them to gain skills and leadership experience will benefit your business in countless ways, including a boost in productivity. It will provide your team with a sense of progress and direction in their role.

Create an internal mentoring program
Starting a mentoring program in your business allows you to capitalise on your greatest resource, your employees. When staff are learning and growing, they are more likely to be happy, and content employees lead to stronger engagement and higher productivity. Mentors and mentees will share techniques and explore new concepts together, improving their synergy and job contentment.

Have the Right Tools and Equipment in place
If your staff have suitable tools and equipment, they can perform their functions efficiently and on time. There’s nothing more counterproductive ( and frustrating) than spending time working on outdated devices and software. New and efficient technology will create a vast difference in your workplace operations and productivity – particularly if you have staff working in remote locations.

Listen Well
Active listening is an essential skill. Giving air time to your employees’ thoughts and ideas is a simple way to demonstrate your support for their career growth. Boosting their confidence by actively listening will ultimately boost their productivity in the workplace.

Team Collaboration
Working together across the workplace allows staff to share knowledge, work more efficiently and effectively. Each person acts as a resource or tool that other team members can leverage to make better and smarter choices. Besides, collaboration encourages healthy team relationships and strong employee relationships lead to better team performance and overall productivity.

Encourage self-service
Your employees are smart, so why not give them the autonomy to do tasks on their own without the engagement of additional departments. Self-service is one of the quickest and simplest ways to build proficiency in your business processes. Make each process more engaging and fulfilling for you and your staff by building out customised self-service platforms where your workers can accomplish tasks; improving the day-to-day efficiency across your workplace.

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