How technology has changed our behaviour.

With so many tech advancements happening at once, it’s hard to ignore the effect on human behaviour – Think about how it’s sporadic to see someone without a device in their hand or attached to their body. It’s curious to understand how generations before us must feel about the unprecedented amount of time we all now spend connected to the Internet, socialising, working, and creating with computers; most kids can now work iPads, even before they can talk.

Here are three ways we think technology has affected human behaviour.

Google knows everything.
Have you noticed that we primarily rely on technology for knowledge when you need to find the answer to something? Technology has ultimately changed our knowledge collecting forever; the standard response to our inquisitive friends or children nowadays is generally “Google it”. Yes – it’s more efficient yet, but it’s removed the human to human interaction that once existed; the open-ended conversations with others have gone.

We want things now.
With the accessibility of technology and our access to information, we have become much less patient. Why wait around for answers when you can find them within a few taps and a swipe. Consumer behaviour has evolved too – everything is happening in real-time; they expect to buy directly from the platform they’re using, to have a simple check-out process without any friction and customer service around the clock.

We can’t focus.
Do you know how much time you spend on your phone daily? According to 2021 research – the average Aussie spends 5.5 hours per day on their phone. This lack of focus has changed how we walk, talk and spend our spare moments. Think about when you’re walking using your phone and come to a red light – we are more inclined than ever before to check our mobile phones. Do you remember what you used to do when waiting for a friend at a restaurant before devices? Collectively we have reached a point where our devices fill in every spare moment we have.

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