How to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle while working.

With our daily schedules and devices in a tug-of-war for our attention – it’s hard to find time to relax, recharge and find happiness while working. 

Here are some simple ideas that you can readily implement in your workday to help you overcome the feeling of being on the job 24/7.

Wake up earlier. 

Commit to getting up earlier than you need to – even if it’s only 15 minutes. Setting up that little bit earlier gives you the chance to wake up and connect with yourself and your emotional wellbeing before looking at your phone or beginning the mad rush of getting to work in the morning. Whether it’s having a coffee without rushing or just sitting somewhere quiet, slowing your morning routine will help you feel like you have had some time to yourself before you dive headfirst into your day.

Create a routine.

We know what works for one person doesn’t work for the next, so this one needs to personalise. Map out of your day with intervals. During those intervals, go for a 5 min walk, or take a 10-minute break from your screen. At first, it might seem impossible. Because you have deadlines or phone calls to make or emails that need a reply, you might be surprised how taking those few breaks will help refresh and reinvigorate your mind and body. 

Hang out with people you like.

Social contact is one of the most significant ways of relieving stress. Have you noticed how good you feel after spending quality time with friends? Even when working, make an effort to connect and hang out with coworkers that make you feel good. Research backs this up – by proving that time with friends can reduce your body’s stress response, improve your mood and may even boost your immune system. 

Eat Well.

Our bodies are complex, and our brain needs specific nutrients to function with clarity. Blocking out a daily lunch break on your calendar will force you to step away from your desk and eat mindfully. We’re not nutritionists, but we do know that to feel good after lunch, we need to be sourcing our fuel from whole grains, low-fat protein and plenty of fruit and veg.

Clear your physical space. 

Are you looking for some afternoon clarity? Spend your lunch break de-cluttering your desk space. If you want to organise your thoughts and focus on your work – you need a work setting that encourages this kind of clarity. Organise your computer desktop, remove any clutter from your desk, don’t eat where you work and put away your dirty dishes.

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