4 steps you can take to increase your social media conversions.

Are you looking for ways to generate sales from your social media accounts? When you’re working hard to run your business, it can be impossible to find time to be active on every social media outlet – yet,

with the rampant growth of users on platforms, now is the time to push this to the top of your marketing strategy. Remember: You want to be where your buyers are, and right now, there are over 3.96 billion people on social media.

Here are the first four steps you can take to increase your social media conversions.

Think about social media as a process.
Like all business processes, you want them to be efficient and productive.
To get the most out of your time on social, you need to streamline your social media marketing activities, make your content more productive by posting at correct times, and publish fresh content regularly to avoid a lull.

Understand your content.
To know if your content is working for you, you need to measure its success. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which of your social accounts are generating the most leads?
  • Which are your best performing posts?
  • Take note of the best times for posting?
  • Work out who your followers are (age and location)?

The purpose of dissecting your social media performance is to save you time and make the process of posting, scheduling and storyboarding more efficient – all while getting better engagement results and greater conversions.

REALLY know each platform
Do you know the platform works best for your business? Now is the time to learn how to use each platform effectively. Determine how active your audience is on each platform. Besides demographics and engagement, you’ll also want to look at how individuals use the platform.
And remember – what works on Facebook won’t be the same as what you use on Twitter. Just like your Instagram posts can’t be the same as what you post on LinkedIn.

Engagement equals conversion.
Tempt your followers and create valuable content. Social media gives you unlimited opportunities to share authentic and engaging content directly with your audience – this can lead directly to leads and sales.
Wondering what sort of content leads to conversions?

  • User-Generated Content – Reposting customer-made content and crediting them in the posts makes your customers feel “loved” and cared for by the brand.
  • Live streaming on IG and Facebook – Give live streaming a shot and use it to do Q&A’s with customers or employees, and product reveals etc.
  • Promotions, Give-aways. Keep your offers fresh and exciting.
  • Respond to fan queries, comments, and feedback
  • Mention and acknowledge your loyal customers whenever you get a chance to.

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