13 Social Media Terms You Need To Know.

Learning social media language can be a full-time gig- so we picked some of our favs to explain – surprisingly, there are a few we’d never heard of too!

A/B testing
Known as split testing – A/B testing gives you the chance to test two social media posts against each other to see which performs best – why? You can gain insights into what micro-content or post works better.

Application Programming Interface (API)
API is a software go-between that allows two applications to talk to each other. For social – all the major platforms have APIs that let programmers create software that works within those networks.

Your social media avatar, is your profile picture, is a small image that represents you on a social network. It can be an actual photo of you, a corporate logo, or anything you want your followers to identify as ‘you’ on social.

Brand advocate
A brand advocate is someone who shares positive messages, leaves positive reviews, or otherwise supports your brand on social. They tend to encourage other people to follow you through word-of-mouth marketing.

At the most basic level, a chatbot is a computer program that simulates and processes human conversation. These are currently present on several social messaging apps, from Facebook Messenger to Slack.

Each platform is considered a marketing channel in social media marketing. A cross-channel social strategy aligns your intentions across all your current platforms.

Dark post
A dark post is a social media ad that doesn’t appear on the advertiser’s timeline. Unlike organic posts or boosted posts, dark posts only show up in the feeds of users they’re targeting.

Evergreen content
Evergreen content is content that ages well and keeps its value over time. It’s perfect for recycling and repurposing across social media platforms since it does not lose relevance based on its posted date.

It is the technique of adjusting your ad content based on a user’s location. Allowing advertisers can create and target ad sets to appeal to users in a specific geographic area.

A listicle is a list-based article. This type of content is often popular on social media because of its quick, easy-to-digest format.

Newsjacking is the technique of hopping on current events with your social media content. It’s about being timely and relevant while gaining exposure by tying their content to key hashtags and conversations around the latest news.

Social listening
Social listening is how social media managers track conversations around key topics, terms, brands and more.

Social, local and mobile. The combining of mobile marketing with social media marketing efforts that are geo-targeted.

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