How To Include Video & Audio Into Your Marketing

Content marketing has developed drastically over the years; here are the latest popular tips and trends in video and content to take note of.

There is so much happening in the world of video right now. So we’ve picked a few elements to take note of and rounded up a few tips to keep in mind when adding video to your marketing strategy.

➖ First, choose platforms that engage your audience – the first and most crucial step to creating unique and engaging video content is deciding where to post it.

➖ If your videos will live on social media – keep them short. The shorter your videos are, the more likely are they to earn views.

  • YouTube: On average, videos up to 2 minutes long perform best.
  • Instagram: Up to 26 seconds.
  • Facebook: No longer than 1 minute.
  • Twitter: Around 45 seconds.
  • Snapchat: Anything up to the platform’s 10-second maximum is suitable.

➖  Track and analyse your output by answering these questions.

  • Are people watching our videos from start to finish?
  • Are the videos underperforming on any platform?
  • Which topics are getting the most views or shares?

Audio content is beginning to emerge from the shadows and become a real asset in content marketing.
We know you’ve heard of podcasts… It’s arguably one of the best ways to slice through the enormous amount of online content and is more personal and intimate than other forms of devouring content.

Here are some other audio content ideas to explore:
The audiobook business is a growing market, with audiobook sales increasing by 16% in 2020 compared with the previous year.

The key advantage is that you can seamlessly turn popular eBooks into audiobooks- reducing your effort while engaging an entirely new audience with your most exciting and valuable content.

Audio is also starting to find its voice on social platforms. Audio-first social is emerging as a critical trend; in the coming years, audio content will allow businesses to connect personally with the audiences – you will start seeing added audio snippets to blogs, articles and social posts.

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