3 Tips To Make Your Workers Healthy, Happy and Motivated

It is without a doubt that the most important asset of any business is your people. That is why here at OITC it is extremely important for us to understand our people’s needs to keep them healthy, and as stress-free as possible. We know that when our employees are healthy both mentally and physically they are more motivated to achieve common goals. So it’s fairly simple to us, taking care of our people is a smart move for the productivity of the business as well as the culture.

Here are 3 things we believe you can easily do to create happy and healthy employees in any workplace:

1. Allow your employees to spend some time to recharge

Be it 5, 15 or 45 minutes, your employees will need time to themselves to relax, refocus or recharge their energies. Leaving them to feel happier, more efficient and focused to take on the rest of the day’s demands. Our OITC suggestion is to create a small space somewhere within the workplace i.e a meeting room, kitchen or simply by placing a comfy chair or cushion in the hallway gives staff the physical space and opportunity to dedicate a couple of quiet moments to their own well-being.

2. Choose face-to-face meetings over emails

This week – try to prioritise face-to-face meetings instead of online ones, forget the phone and shut down your email. We know it’s not always practical and time-efficient, but getting up from your desk to visit your co-workers in person every once in a while will not only improve your overall physical health but will also develop your work relationships.

3. Be an adaptable workplace

It’s pretty simple, support Flexibility! Life can be unpredictable at any moment and does not discriminate, by supporting a flexible work environment your team will feel appreciated and secure. A flexible schedule not only helps decrease employee burnout, but it’s also champions a happy and healthy culture. Every employee including management deserves to be able to find a balance within their work and personal life.

All these steps are really effortless to implement and should take no time to be put into practice.
Keep an eye for more workplace culture boosting ideas from the OITC team.

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