3 Ways I’m Transforming my Every Day to be More Productive in the Workplace

with Theo Kanellopoulos – Chief Executive Officer

I try to move my body at any opportunity.

It’s super easy to forget to move the body when you’re busy working and building a successful business, but I now make a conscious daily choice to move to look after my physical and mental health, By doing simple things like standing while working and going for a walk during the day improves my mood and gives me time to recharge. The truth is that by simply standing more frequently throughout the day, your overall health will notably change- by improving the body’s function.

Make time to clear the mind

It might sound strange but once you learn how to clear your mind, you will be able to think more clearly. This skill of clearing the mind isn’t an easy task but it has so many indirect and positive effects, you will find yourself responding to situations in a mellower, more flexible manner. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or I am trying to think creatively and outside of the box, I take myself away from my desk and find a quiet space to clear my mind.

I remind myself to write it down

We all know a person who gets an immense thrill out of making lists, strange right? But the truth is, this savvy person is actually onto something brilliant. Writing everything down not only prevents details from being forgotten, but it also allows you to look at the tasks at hand with perspective and allows time to prioritise tasks to set practical and attainable goals. Not to mention the incredible satisfaction of ticking them off…and getting it done!

Your body and mind are connected so treat them with equal respect if you’re not feeling great during the day.
These tips have worked for me so if you’re struggling to be productive give them a go and see if they work!

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