It’s a Hectic Time of Year, Here’s a Few Really Easy Ways to Keep on Top of Your Wellbeing

Make your mornings fun.

Try to avoid checking your phone and emails as soon as you wake up. Get the most out of your mornings by playing music, going for a run or a brisk walk, head to yoga class, or make a breakfast date with yourself, or with a friend or colleague. Taking time in the morning to incorporate activities you enjoy sets you up for a happier day ahead, boosting your mood and upping your level of inspiration.

Drink water (…and avoid sugary drinks!)

Water, water, water! Make yourself drink at least one full glass of water in the morning, one before lunch, and one full glass before you go home at the end of the day. Drinking water will help to keep you fuller and less tempted to snack on sugar-laden foods.

Eat well

When at your desk, put away the sugary foods, instead reach for some healthy alternatives such as raw nuts, fresh fruit and vegetable sticks. Our food choices are the number one cause of diabetes, cancer, and other diseases including depression and anxiety. It is important to make choices that fuel the body not limit its ability to perform at its best. Remember it’s not ok to feel tired and sluggish all day.

On a Friday, leave work on time!

Make a conscious effort to leave work at an appropriate time, quick tip: If you need to; just set a reminder or three. We all know that by Friday afternoon our productivity level starts to fade so don’t waste time sitting there pondering what work you should be doing. Save it for Monday!

Try out these tips over the silly season and watch how they help your productivity and overall health

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