Why You Need Artificial Intelligence in Your Business in 2020 and Beyond

Are you wondering what place AI will have in Digital Marketing in 2020 and beyond? (and no, we’re not referring to the kind you see in Sci-fi films) Now more than ever, artificial intelligence is becoming more accessible making it a valuable tool for any business.

Below we breakdown two of our favourite ways AI can help boost your business by improving the customer experience and your business efficiency without taking away the personable elements we know people continue to want (in fact, we believe it only enhances the personal interaction!).

Chatbots & Private Messaging – improving efficiency and around the clock service.

Thanks to updated and detailed algorithms, AI systems – like chatbots and private messaging – are becoming more efficient at a much faster rate than ever before. Businesses using these devices are able to provide a faster response than if they continue to use a more traditional mode of communication – think email & feedback forms.

Chatbots help businesses provide responses in a fast, direct and visual experience, Its a “one-to-many” assistance tool readily available for all customers at the same time regardless of different time zones. They can effectively answer customer questions in real-time 24/7. Not only does this mean they are highly efficient, but they can also provide support outside of office hours, improving your customers’ experience.

Similarly, Private Messaging gives your customer the chance to interact with your business one-on-one, saving them time, providing you with documented evidence of the interaction all in real-time. Most importantly as a business, you are giving your customers a private setting for feedback or concerns replacing the public social media forum. ( phew!)

Customer Relationship Management & AI

Its no question that the value of providing a better service for consumers helps guide any business. By combining your AI technology and CRM tools, you can maximise the amount of user data gathered from different platforms – think CRM, social media, email campaigns, chatbots – giving you accurate insights on how your customers behave and their needs.
Imagine knowing the kinds of products someone buys, which pages they browse, which tools they use often online, and using that data to create the perfect marketing campaigns saving you money and time. AI assists businesses with finding new customers and keeping loyal ones happy.

Here are some reasons why you need to start thinking about an AI-driven CRM.

  • It enables your brand to personalize email marketing campaigns based on user behaviours.
  • An AI-powered CRM will be able to learn from past decisions and historical patterns to score the best leads for sales
  • Artificial Intelligence will also be able to predict future customer behaviour.

Are you using AI in your business?

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