4 reasons why you don’t need to over spend on your Video Conferencing System

Video continues to grow as the medium of choice for communication because of the ability to have a more meaningful conversation without sacrificing time or money on travelling to meet each other in person. The amount of video content produced is also increasing as consumers find it a much more engaging form of entertainment and education.Because of the high demand, there is a huge amount of supply and there are many good quality solutions that won’t require you to take out a loan to pay for. There are many things to consider before spending money on a video conferencing system, here are 4 that will help you keep your costs down: 1. Your system is only as good as the internet connection being used on each end There are many high definition camera options and conference systems with lots of state of the art technology but they are all limited by the internet connection coming in to the buildings each user is located in. If you don’t have business grade internet that guarantees certain speeds, your video quality will be inconsistent and completely dependant on the internet speed at the time. 2. How often will you have more than 2 parties or 10 people on one call? If you are simply using video for 1:1 meetings or small group meetings across 2 different sites, there are many solutions on the market that can cater for these requirements. We have listed a solution we implemented for a customer in the case study below.3. Are the meetings internal or with customers? Similarly to the point above, if you are simply having internal meetings and do not need to “wow” external parties, a simple set up will suffice.4. Book a meeting room at a co working space with high end video conferencing capabilities If you are adamant that you need something of the highest quality but want to keep your expenses at a minimum, you should consider booking a room at a co working space for the meeting in each city that the attendees are located. Good co working spaces have first class facilities and infrastructure to support your requirements. Your team will also love the opportunity to get out of the office, a change of scenery, new people to network with and maybe even some free coffee! Advancements in technology mean that basic requirements can often be met with solid solutions at a very affordable price. Always try to be thrifty with these types of things because you will regret that you spent too much money each time you look at the expensive equipment sitting on the boardroom table that hardly gets used. Below we have put together a really brief case study explaining how we assisted a client of ours with their video conferencing requirements. Case Study Client – Australian fashion brand with sites across Australia and Europe Requirements – Stable and reliable video conferencing solution for teams to communicate between stores and offices across multiple locations. Solution to be used for internal meetings only. Limitations – Limited internet bandwidth at Sydney HQ Solution USB Bluetooth microphone and speaker – $200 USB HD Webcam – $99 55’ Flat screen TV – $699 Zoom Video Web Conferencing service – Free License Limitations of Zoom free license version – Group meetings capped at 40 mins.

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