Setting the record straight: SEO does not equal more sales. Here are 3 strategies that will!

After coming across many businesses and over hearing many conversations where people are discussing how they are sick of engaging SEO contractors when they can’t provide immediate sales from the work they do, we thought it was our duty to set the record straight: SEO does not directly increase sales. SEO is important, as we have explained in our previous blog (Link here) but it is only 1 part of your digital strategy and if your website sucks, the greatest SEO fairy in the universe isn’t going to help you. Social media content and advertising, along with some Google AdWords (where appropriate) can complement your SEO strategy but getting people to your website is just the beginning. Depending on where your target market is in their buying cycle, these 3 strategies will have a much more direct impact on your conversion once you have your website traffic flowing: 1. Engaging and high value content to keep them there There is no point generating traffic if they are going to leave your website straight after they arrive, or worse still before the page even loads. Having an optimised landing page will make sure that it loads as fast as possible so you don’t lose potential customers before they even reach your website. Once this is sorted, make sure the content you are presenting them is of high value and relevance to them. Clearly explaining how your business will solve their problem or better still, clearly demonstrating how they can solve their problem themselves with the information you are providing them will win your audience’s trust and they will start to build a relationship with your brand. 2. Data is more valuable than money Too many businesses try to monetise their audience too quickly and come across as spammy and sleazy. Instead, offer something of high value that will help your audience solve their problem or become more informed in a space of interest. Offering a free EBook in exchange for an email address is a great way to continue to add value to your audience without asking them for a cent. Make sure that you have clear calls to action on your landing page that is offering the EBook and be sure to use intriguing headlines to ensure as many people sign up as possible. 3. Plug the holes in the funnel Businesses let themselves down right at the finish line too often and it’s due to poor email sequences or offers that are not attractive to the audience. Email sequences and social media retargeting are a great way to convert engaged followers of your brand and content into loyal lifetime customers. Try placing entry offers in front of your engaged and warm audience that will excite them and give them confidence in your brand. Entry offers can be a free strategy session or a significantly discounted product less than $10. This will generate more customers for your business who will then more often than not continue to do business with you and increase their spend. The right digital strategy can significantly impact your business and help you generate a consistent stream of customers. Don’t go blaming the SEO team when your sales aren’t coming in how you would like, take a step back and look at how you are adding value to your audience and how you are engaging them once you have their attention. There is no silver bullet so keep testing and remember that SEO is just the beginning.

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