4 Social Media Tools you Need in Your Marketing Kit

Why should your business be using social media tools?

Social media marketing is powerful, yet, with so many platforms relevant to brand awareness, business growth and the expectation of being everywhere, managing content, interacting with others, planning for the future, and so much more – it can also be extremely overwhelming
It’s not that easy to manage multiple social media accounts at once and regularly post fresh content on each. For that, you need help. And, social media tools do just that, they can help you manage your accounts and content with satisfaction.

Why you need to be using them:

It makes your social media activities super-efficient.
The purpose of a social media tools is to save you time and make the process of posting, scheduling and storyboarding more efficient – all while getting better engagement results.

It can skyrocket brand awareness.
One of the most significant benefits of social media is its ability to increase your brand awareness, which is why every tool you choose should perform its services with brand awareness in mind.

Its simple for anyone to use
The best social media tools are only useful and successful if they’re easy and intuitive. Each tool you select should be simple and user-friendly so that anyone from within the company can adopt it.

It’s cost-effective
Save your company costs by using high-quality social media tools. Many on the market are free or charge a small once-off price. Basically, by saving you time, the tools save you money.

It keeps you productive & organised.
For any business, adopting these tools will equate to better productivity and organisation. With apps available to help you schedule postings, store image libraries, easily connect with audiences and view reports and analytics – there’s no excuse for lack of structure.

4 Social Media tools to start using today:

Manage multiple social content streams from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It is one of the most popular social media tools in the market. Keep track and manage your many social network channels and monitor what people are saying about your brand and help respond instantly.

A handy social media analytics tool for Instagram and Facebook. You can get detailed reports on your accounts’ performance. It also enables you to analyse which content performed well and which didn’t.

This research tool can help you quickly form your social media content strategy, and find the highest-performing content on any topic or keyword. You can also see what others within the industry are doing and which content of theirs is doing well.

Social Pilot
If you are looking for a social media resource that provides various tools, such as analytics and scheduling and a single easy-to-navigate dashboard. Social Pilot is for you; it’s intended to curate, suggest and gather content from various industries, such as education, tech, fitness and health.

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