Creating a Healthy, Happy and Motivated Team

We know that when employees are healthy both mentally and physically, they are more motivated to achieve common goals. Taking care of your people is a smart move, whether you want to improve culture or enhance productivity.

Here are simple practices to put in place to create a happy, healthy and motivated team.

Share your vision and set clear company goals.
You can only have an inspired and motivated team if they know what they are working towards. Make sure your workers are aware of your vision and what your ultimate goals for the business are; this encourages everyone to work together to produce better results.

Provide your employees time to recharge.
Your employees will need time to themselves to relax, refocus or recharge their energies. Create short breaks throughout the day when staff can confidently step away from their devices and recharge. If you’re lucky to be back in the workplace, allocate a physical space where your team can dedicate a couple of quiet moments to their well-being.

Choose face-to-face meetings over emails ( yes virtual is included)
While most of us continue to work remotely, it’s imperative to prioritise face-to-face meetings instead of email or IM chatter.
We know it’s not always practical and time-efficient, yet spending time face-to-face with co-workers even though it is virtual will improve your overall mental health and help to develop deeper work connections.

Be a flexible workplace.
It’s pretty simple, support Flexibility. Life is unpredictable at any moment.
A flexible schedule will reduce staff burnouts, champion a healthy culture and create a workplace sought-after by the next generation of workers. Every employee, including management, deserves to be able to find a balance within their work and personal life.

Champion physical health
Stress is real, and it has a genuine impact on your staff.
You can help ease the stress your staff face daily by encouraging them to take standing and walking breaks throughout the day. For some workplaces, implementing group activities and programs can help address staff physical health, while also cultivating community.

Encourage creativity
Encouraging creativity is a great way to boost productivity and innovation within your team. Allocate time in a week for your staff to explore their creative sides. The most rewarding impact of creativity can unlock more meaningful outcomes.

Learn to relax
Always being ‘on’ doesn’t make staff more productive. Being able to relax is a learnt skill, especially in the digital age. As a business leader, it’s best to lead by example. This doesn’t mean your staff have to watch you relax; it does, however, mean you should to talk about what you do to relax and how you make a point to prioritise it daily.

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