How to Get Your Work-Groove Back: A Guide to Getting Re-Inspired While Working Remotely

Almost all of us experience work lulls in our careers, and with the latest data suggesting we’re working 40% harder through COVID-19, we have the sneaking suspicion more of you are on the verge of, or are in the middle of, a rut. So the burning question is, how do you go about getting re-inspired and getting your groove back? How do you bounce back and find that drive within you again while working from home?

Here are four tips to help you getting re-inspired and find your groove again in no time despite the challenges.

First, identify the problem.
Start by asking yourself, is something bothering me, or is there a hurdle I can’t cross. The first step is to identify what is causing you to feel lost or unmotivated. Are you taking on too much work, are you working longer hours? Is there something happening in your job that needs discussion?

Do this:
Write down how you’re feeling, and recognise how you feel once it’s out. What frequently happens is we tend to complicate things and overwhelm ourselves before articulating how we feel, and next once you identify the issue, it’s time to consider how to resolve it.

Now change your perspective.
Although hard given the unusual situation, many of us remain in, it’s time to change your perspective. If you are only thinking about problems and difficulties, that’s exactly what are you going to pull into your life. If you change your perspective and start thinking about solutions and opportunities, you will find your mindset will shift. Having awareness is key to moving and changing your perspective.

Do this: Practice awareness and gratitude: Begin by identifying the positive in each experience. At the end of each day, find three things you are grateful for and write them down; take a moment to reflect on them.

Time to find a spark and make a few changes
Try switching up your daily routine to remove the boredom from your work life. Figure out which parts of your day you enjoy and look forward to, and which you find yourself avoiding; try replacing the order in which you complete those tasks and see if your spark returns.
Need an idea?

  • Instead of sitting down in front of your computer with your morning coffee. Go outside, sit and enjoy your brew while taking in the fresh air and vitamin D.
  • Move your lunch break back an hour and start your afternoon tasks a bit earlier in the day,
  • Break up your daily exercise into parts. Start your morning with a 15min brisk walk. Before you sit for lunch, take another 15min walk. Then at 5pm-close out your day with another long walk.

Simply reorganising can make things a lot more interesting!

Look to others for motivation
Looking for inspiration has never been more accessible in the age of social media. Yet – most of us follow the wrong kinds of influencers. Make an effort to clean out your social media and start to follow people who are creating innovative businesses, concepts you admire, who give motivating and tangible advice, and who share personable experiences about their struggles in business.

Set obvious boundaries
While working from home shouldn’t mean you are working more hours, it is much harder to separate work and life when its in the one space.

Be clear when planning your scheduleand stick to it. When your workday ends, put away your work devices and change out of your work clothes. Pop on some music or a podcast you enjoy and turn your work mind into your personal mind.

Try out these tips today and see if they help you with getting re-inspired at work![

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