4 Tech Tools Transforming the Way We Work

It can be challenging to keep up with technology, but doing so will transform your business. From staff productivity to digital security, your business can’t thrive without adopting new tech tools as they emerge.

With benefits that appeal to both business leaders and employees, technology within the workplace has become an indispensable component for those who want to stay competitive.

So, why do we need to welcome technology: Incorporating innovative technology will increase productivity and engagement for every worker.

Here are four smart tech tools transforming the way we work:

Digital Security

Digital security has never been more critical than it is today.
With most of us working from varied locations, a remote workplace is now the norm. While providing staff with easy access to applications, endpoints, data and networks from anywhere to achieve their business objectives may be productive, it’s also exposing your business to various security breaches. Investing in a preventive security tool is more cost-effective than dealing with the tremendous damage and resulting financial liability of a breach.

Smart Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are not just for those in management or leadership roles; employees across all divisions should use a virtual assistant app to increase their productivity and to improve their workplace experiences.

Employees can quickly give virtual assistants tasks to complete in the background without stopping their workflow.
Along with eliminating many tasks, virtual assistants can also greatly simplify more complicated tasks. Virtual assistant software can retrieve information and institutional knowledge from complex systems with ease to achieve results more efficiently.

Immersive Tech

Yes, there’s video conferencing, and yes we’re all over it in 2020. Still, another emerging tech is Workplace VR can create immersive on-the-job training opportunities, teaching employees new skills to help advance their careers.
With Immersive technology Business leaders can improve creative output significantly if individuals and teams can immediately conceive and test new ideas in a VR environment.

So where is this tech headed? Immersive technologies are the portal through which digital and actual realities will slowly map one another, eventually forming a blended sense of where the physical and virtual start and stop.

Secure Group Messaging Systems

With BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) becoming more widespread across workplaces, employees are embracing texting, group chat and other consumer apps such as WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, or iMessage for their work communication.
Why? Because they enable real-time communication, keep all of your employees united through a variety of workplace and operational communication features from group chats to 1:1 messaging, and effectively facilitate collaboration between employees anywhere in the world, at any time.

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