5 Morale Boosting Tips for a Post-COVID Workplace

With many workplaces starting to resume a new normal, now is the time for business leaders to focus on boosting the morale of employees and look at ways to keep them happy as we approach a new way of working post COVID.

Keeping high employee morale is certainly hard during a global crisis, but it’s not impossible to achieve. It’s the little things – that show you care.

Here’s what you can do:

Keep Open Communication

Having an open-door policy can make a world of difference within the workplace. Allow open questions – regardless of the management level – and let your employees know that their voices are valued, and heard. Keeping a free line of communication helps your employees know they can trust you and come to you with any issues or questions. Taking a short amount of time to keep employees in the loop will demonstrate excellent leadership and certainly be appreciated by staff.

Recognise Success

We all love to be appreciated and rewarded. Recognition helps workers see that their business values them and their contributions to the success of their team and the company overall. It allows employees to build a sense of security in their value to the business, motivating them to continue great work. It’s not difficult to acknowledge success, either. Public recognition of an individual’s success at a weekly meeting can be all it takes to make your staff feel appreciated for their hard work.

Respect Your Employees

Employees who are treated with respect and kindness are much more likely to stay. Respecting your employees is not a challenging task; if a staff member is going through a difficult time, show your support by checking in on them regularly and offering them a safe and flexible work environment. Treat all your workers fairly and show that you value them with your words and actions. Listen to their interests and do your best to address them. Communicate clearly with your employees and explain essential decisions to them. If you treat your staff members well, they will likely reciprocate the respect you show them.

Trust Your Employees

When staff trust their employers, they are much more likely to work together towards fulfilling the same business goals, and of course, the more employees are trusted, the happier they are, the less likely they are to leave the company.
One of the best ways to build trust is by trusting! As a workplace establish routines that enable staff to keep up with what’s going on without micromanaging. Schedule in weekly or monthly check-ins with your team to listen to their ideas and concerns and to keep staff up-to-date on company developments and updates. Another critical element of trust-building is to align the company values with their actions.

Be Flexible

It’s pretty simple, support flexibility. Life is unpredictable at any moment. A flexible schedule will reduce staff burnouts, champion a healthy culture and create a post COVID workplace sought-after by the next generation of workers. Every employee, including management, deserves to be able to find a balance within their work and personal life.

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