5 Straightforward AI Tools for Business

Now more than ever, artificial intelligence is becoming more accessible, making it a valuable tool for any business. Below is a list of straightforward AI tools for business you can start using today!

Thanks to updated and detailed algorithms, AI systems – like chatbots are becoming more efficient at a much faster rate than ever before.
Chatbots help businesses respond to a fast, direct and visual experience, Its a “one-to-many” assistance tool readily available for all customers at the same time regardless of different time zones. They can effectively answer customer questions in real-time 24/7. They are incredibly efficient and provide support outside of office hours, improving your customers’ experience.

Private Messaging
YES – Facebook’s standalone messaging app now uses AI to suggest things to you based on your private conversations.
For a business, a Private Messaging app gives your customer the chance to interact with your business one-on-one, saving them time while providing you with documented evidence of the interaction all in real-time. The best part is you are giving your customers a private setting for feedback or concerns replacing the usual public social media forum.

Data insights
One of AI’s key benefits is how it can process large volumes of data and provide real-time insights into your business and customers. Importantly, it also enables you to extract those insights easily with natural language processing. The available tools can intelligently integrate with accounting applications such as Xero to make it easier and quicker to gain insights. These tools allow you to build customised reports and dashboards and to generate forecasts quickly.

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing CRMs
AI tools for business and your CRM will allow you to maximise the amount of user data gathered from different platforms – think CRM, social media, email campaigns, chatbots – giving you accurate insights on how your customers behave and their needs.
Imagine knowing the kinds of products someone buys, which pages they browse, which tools they often use online, and using that data to create the perfect marketing campaigns saving you money and time. AI assists businesses with finding new customers and keeping loyal ones happy.

Everyday AI
There are currently everyday platforms and tools already using AI to better your experience. The Smart Reply feature in Gmail chooses sentences in the body of an email based on the context of the rest of your message. Additionally, Artificial intelligence is already helping marketers build in-depth customer insight reports, create personalised targeting of digital ads and content — all without a considerable human impact.

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