How to Create the Perfect Website for Your Brand

We’ve created the ultimate to-do list to create the perfect website to take your personal brand to the next level.

STEP ONE – Clarity Your Personal Brand ( who you are)
Before you start building your personal brand website, you need to clear on who you are. Determining who you are from the starting line will influence your website’s design.
Start by answering these questions:
What are my values?
What brings me joy?
What’s my superpower – the thing I do better than anyone else?
What’s my why?

STEP TWO – Show your true self
Authenticity isn’t just an overused buzz word,
The unique personal brand is the one shown with originality. Being genuine will allow you to manage your brand more fluently and easily show your skills.
Do this:

  • Ask your community what is important to them, who they are, what they value, what they’re looking for.
  • Use real images and show people who you are.
  • Share your story – who you are, why you are the way you are/

STEP THREE – Create Compelling Content
Content is king – Generating compelling content is now more necessary than ever; if you produce persuasive content that delivers valuable information in a way that’s exciting and inspiring – your audience will stick around.
Where to start?
Know your audience. It would be best if you determined desires, what things mean a lot to them, and the things they don’t like, think about the tone and language style you will use to connect. When you understand the way your target audience views the world, you can effortlessly create content they genuinely want to read.

STEP FOUR – Always Add Value First
There are so many ways to earn a nice following; but, the most celebrated and best way of all is through value.
How to do this?

  1. Improve Your Credibility – Use your blog and various other sections on your website to showcase your credibility and thought leadership.
  2. Get Data hungry – all website platforms provide you valuable insight not just into how many visitors end up on your website, but the nature of these visitors – use this to keep creating value.
  3. Humanise – Show people who you are, and where you come from
  4. Ask for something – Use call to action buttons and text. Always suggest the next steps.
  5. Be open – Give them reasons to connect with you or to buy your products.

STEP FIVE – Do this simple checklist before going live
So, you have followed the steps to create the perfect website… now what? Before you go live do the following,

  • check the loading time of your site
  • Test the site navigation and make sure it’s intuitive
  • Check your social icons work
  • test out your subscribe buttons
  • Look for typos
  • get rid of any useless pages
  • Count your pop-ups – and remove 99%

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