5 years of OITC with our Co-Founders – Theo, Christian & Arnold

What have our Co-Founders learned in the five years of OITC? How have they evolved as leaders and what are some of their greatest highlights to date? 

What have you learnt in the five years of OITC?

THEO – The last five years have been an enormous learning curve, and the challenges I have faced have made me a better leader, a better business person and a better man. My biggest lessons learned are always trusting your gut, executing fast with conviction while deploying patience and gratitude.

CHRISTIAN – That every year is the best year ever, and to be grateful for what the year before brought you.

ARNOLD – I’ve learned numerous things; I think it all stems from communication, understanding the importance of urgency, and having the will to persevere and break down barriers that will ensure success.

What do five years of OITC business mean to you?

THEO – This business has confirmed for me what I had always believed – Hard work beats working smart because other winners are working smart too. This business has given me a platform to take my entrepreneurial talents to levels I had dreamed of; coming up. I always wanted to be like Jay Z, Pharrell, Diddy, Dr Dre, where I can make music at a high level and execute business at a high level. I’m just getting started, and this business has given me that opportunity, so this business means the world to me.

CHRISTIAN – You can achieve anything!

ARNOLD – I know the phrase gets thrown around a lot, but to me, it’s a proven quote, “you are only limited by what you think you are.” 

What’s the most significant change in you from 5 years ago to now?

THEO – Some people might disagree with this, but I think my EQ and empathy levels have dramatically changed for the better. How I managed people for five years is not something I am proud of. Now – the way I lead is something I’m super proud of.

ARNOLD – 5 years ago, I would describe myself as a person that was in a cocoon, and today I’m a butterfly that’s booming. 

CHRISTIAN – I now subscribe to “doing it now, not tomorrow”.

What have you discovered “not to do” as a business owner?

THEO – Don’t ever forget this – You work for your employees, not the other way around.

CHRISTIAN – Never crack the whip. Never get angry upset; it doesn’t achieve anything. 

ARNOLD – It’s vital as a business to appreciate what you have now and love the journey. Never become complacent, procrastinate or take things for granted; always action, learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward. 

Describe OITC 5 years ago, and then describe what it is now. 

THEO – 5 years ago – Arnold was fixing internet problems and taking iPhones to apple, while Christian and I were still employed elsewhere and sending him leads. Now – Arnold still taking apple devices to the store and getting left with the task of fixing our internal internet issues

CHRISTIAN – 5 years ago, it was a vision, and now it is my reality.

ARNOLD – The best way for me to describe it would be to use my passion for aerospace. Five years ago, we had a Propellor driven aeroplane, and today we are developing a supersonic jet that could go into outer space.

What are the highlights from the last five years? 

THEO – The way we navigated Covid is one of the proudest achievements in my life – it was the hardest time I’ve ever gone through, but we put our heads down and kept pushing at all costs. 

CHRISTIAN – Having good people join the business, surviving Covid-19, and making a YouTube show where we can talk about life and drink wine. 

ARNOLD – There have been many highlights over the past five years. This is one of my first successful business ventures. There have been lots of mistakes that I would consider as highlights; they have helped me directly or indirectly expand my mindset. Overall I think growing the team, surviving Covid and pivoting constantly.  

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