Current News: Apple Event April 2021

Here is a run-through of the most exciting updates and announcements from the Apple Event this month.

EXCITING! New Mac – will come in 7 fresh colours, its the thinnest computer Apple has created. Includes an upgraded webcam to help with working from home. Plus, it will be the quickest computer ever with studio-quality built-in microphones. 

Introducing AirTag – New device to keep track of all of your things from your wallet, keys and bags, all controlled by the ‘find my’ app on your iPhone. Working through Bluetooth and completely Water Resistant – this handy device will tell you how far your lost item is and sends a noise to the tag. Privacy is paramount, and Apple knows that – so the location will stay anonymous. 

Hello iPad Pro – quick facts to note, a 50% performance increase its 5g supported, and the Centre Stage feature, which will allow your face to be at the centre of every video, no matter if you are moving across the room. The Improved Retina Display will keep your work looking fresh on the iPad. The Updates to the Camera include an extra-wide feature, perfect for when your grandma needs to fit everything in one photo. 

We love our Apple TV Upgrades/New Remote – You can expect to have a cinematic experience in your home with 4K screens. The Siri feature will use voice control instead of using the remote itself. 


Among its announcements – this is what Apple had to say about the new Mac: iMac’s design minimises its impact on the environment. All of the virgin wood fibre in its packaging comes exclusively from responsibly managed forests. The rare earth elements in the speakers, fan motor, and power connector magnets are entirely recycled. And they are committed to transitioning their entire manufacturing supply chain to 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2030.

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