Mindful In May Actions List

Mindful In May traditionally centres on the education and appreciation of meditation – but not everyone loves the idea of sitting in silence, which is why we created a list of mindful ideas that you can quickly implement at your workplace. The ideas incorporate the concept of mindfulness, fun and community – without adding too much to your to-do list.

Share achievements.
At the end of each month, ask your team to submit their biggest wins for the month. Compile the best ones and publish them to the entire workplace.

Invite pets into the office.
Pets help people reduce stress and take multiple walks throughout the day.

Update the atmosphere.
Play some music through speakers around the office

Encourage kindness.
Track random acts of kindness on a shared doc.

Create a dedicated space.
Create a wellness wall or shared space where staff can share their tips, experiences and ideas for a healthier workplace.

Schedule time out.
Pick a 15-time slot in the afternoon for everyone to get away from his or her desk. Go outside, socialise with each other, and enjoy some fresh air!

Give the gift of wellbeing.
Incentivise staff with fitness and health vouchers, healthy lunch deliveries vouchers, and wellbeing workshops.

Onsite activities.
Invite a yoga, meditation or boxing instructor into your workplace every week to guide the team through a class.

Take your meetings outside.
Why not make your meetings a walking meeting instead? We know that walking makes people more creative, oxygenates the brain and has multiple benefits physically.

Pay attention.
When you notice staff are stressed – encourage them to leave an hour early.

Set a good example.
Managers set an example with their actions; when you support a healthy work/life balance, employees will follow and respect these boundaries for themselves and others.

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