6 Apps to Improve Your Life This Month

What apps are we obsessing over this month? From keeping organised to mastering Instagram Insights to stress-busting Goo – see our fav apps to improve your life for October. (some new, some have been in the market for a while)


If you love the idea of a customised home screen for your phone – you need Widgetsmith. It’s jammed with highly-customisable widgets of all kinds. Curate the look of your time, photos, calendar, the weather and health and activity widget easily. All you need is the time to tweak them to your tastes, then add them to your home screen and enjoy it.

Goo: Slime Simulator

Goo is your go-to app for soothing relaxation, meditation, visual pleasure, and harmless fun. With Goo – you can turn your smartphone screen into an almost realistic stretchy slime simulation. The app also has ASMR and nature sound sections.

Group Me

For those who find themselves engaging in lots of group chats, GroupMe makes it easier to keep track of them all. Add your friends or colleagues with just their phone number: the best part is they don’t need to download it to chat. You can define your groups, create avatars, and save your photos and videos within group chats. There’s even a desktop version, so you can keep on chatting without needing your phone.

Are you looking to efficiently manage your daily and weekly tasks using a fuss-free app? NoteCircle is your answer, its layout it clean and straightforward to use, you can quickly enter your daily jobs, assign a reminder and tick them off as you complete them.

Command for Instagram
Instagram is now a full-time business for ambitious influencers and small businesses. The Command app is one of the best tools in the market to help you or your business easily arrange your Insta-life, grow and analyse insights. From viewing stats to understanding when the best time to post is, to helping with captions and hashtags – it makes Instagram management seamless and less daunting. After a free trial, it costs a monthly or annual subscription.

Otter is a voice recorder that offers automatic transcription; The app is designed to understand and capture long-form discussions that take place between multiple people – If you’re someone who likes to think aloud while working its the perfect tool for you! It’s really simple to use: pressing the ‘record’ button will get you going. The voice conversation is then recorded, and made available for playback with the audio synced up with the transcribed text.

Try out these apps to improve your life and let us know which one is your favourite!

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