A Quick Guide to a Successful E-Newsletter

A successful e-newsletter requires a shift in thinking. Don’t just tell your audience about your latest product and add in some random article. Use your email newsletter as a chance to give those on your list relevant updates about your business; by providing insights and guidance on trends and information that might interest them.

If created with thoughtfulness and relevance, your email newsletters will strengthen relationships with your customers, attract new prospects, and will ultimately increase sales.

Here’s how to create a successful newsletter.

Be professional
Firstly, a successful e-newsletter is never ever sent from a personal account. Instead, use one of the many email marketing platforms available – Pardot, Mailchimp etc. Only send to people who opt-in for your email newsletter, and establish expectations about how often you will email – weekly, monthly or bi-monthly – your audience wants to know.

Have a GREAT subject line
This is the first piece of information your reader’s see. Does it entice your reader to open the email? Does it make them laugh or make them curious?
It doesn’t matter how great your content is – they’ll never see it if they don’t like the subject line. The best way to learn what works for your business is to test and experiment; you can do this by using the split-testing functionality in your next campaign.

Focus on the benefits, not the sell
No one likes pushy salespeople. When you are constantly being pressured into buying something, it’s a major turn-off – so your newsletter content should be relevant and valuable to your customer. It can feature offers and new deals, but it also needs to be linked back to how your product or service is going to benefit them. When you get this right and create a handy, relevant email – you will see an increase in audience engagement.

Make it simple to consume
Think about your own experiences reading e-newsletters? How much time do you spend on each? EXACTLY! Apply that knowledge to your own and make your newsletter as attractive as possible, relevant and easy to digest. Pick one piece of amazing content and use that as the feature at the top of your newsletter, use video and images that are eye-catching and serve a purpose and avoid larch blocks of text.

Have a clear CTA
Make it easy for your audience to take action on your email newsletter.
Create a clear CTA within your email – whether that be to buy something directly, read the full article or contact your sales rep. Decide on the call to action and make it easy for them to find it. Include action phrases that everyone understands ‘Click here to read’ or ‘hit the blue button below to speak to one of us!’

Include engaging content
Try adding the following to make your email campaigns more enticing for your audience.
How-to videos: When you launch a new product, put together a how-to video and include as a feature in your newsletter. Video is a great engagement driver.
Feature case-studies Inspire your customers and show them how your product or service is being positivity embraced by an existing client.
Add essential data points and industry knowledge in your content as a way to educate your consumers and convince them you are trusted, industry leaders.

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