8 FUN & healthy things you can do to create happy employees.

The most important asset of your company is your people. That’s why it is vital to understand their needs and keep them healthy, fresh, and stress-free. People who are healthy, motivated and have fun will bring tangible benefits to the workplace.

Here are 8 FUN & healthy things you can do to create happy employees.

1- Dedicate a space to games.
If you want your team to stay motivated and refreshed, you should support them to take regular breaks throughout their day. The best way to do this is to draw them away from their desks- one fun way to do provide an entertaining games space where people can go for 10 minutes to clear their minds and interact with each other without thinking about work.

Think – Table tennis, old school video games or even a door hanging basketball hoop.

2 – Encourage employees to cycle to work.
Today, most people come to work by car, which is both an environmental issue and a health problem. Encourage people to use their bikes, and you will be able to feel great knowing you did something for their health and the health of our environment.

Try this – Turn the encouragement into an office competition- the team with the least amount of car drivers wins!

3 – Only offer healthy food.
Teach your employees about the value of a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Don’t just preach about it – offer it! There are plenty of healthy snack offerings in the market.

Try this – organise a seasonable fruit box to be delivered fortnightly.

4 – Go on Walking Meetings.
Make Thursdays ‘Walking’ meetings day only. This will get everyone involved off their desks and walking. Yes, it might throw a few hurdles when you can’t pull up a PowerPoint presentation – but it will encourage creativity, healthy habits and improve interpersonal relations.

Add this – recording your walking meeting, so you don’t have to stop to take notes.

5- Decorate your workplace.
You spend a considerable proportion of your time in the workplace, so your employees need to enjoy the space. If you want your team to LIKE being at work, make some positive changes that are attractive and engaging and promote creativity and productivity.

Try this – Add some greenery to your space.

6 – Organise team activities.
Organise and invite nutritionists, health and fitness experts who can share helpful information to those eager to live a healthier lifestyle. Some of the most relevant topics include; managing work-life balance, creating healthy habits, stretching at your desk, and communication.

7 – Focus on personal growth & development.
Your employees – especially those coming into the workforce, crave progress. They want and expect to be constantly learning while working. One way to guarantee that your employees are improving is by supporting their personal and professional development.

Try this – Offer easy-to-access online courses.

8 – Order a meal for your team.
Is your team working towards a deadline? Reward them for putting in the extra time by ordering in healthy lunch or dinner. Then encourage the team to take a moment away from the project to eat together to recharge.

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