Great workplace culture starts with you.

We believe that positive attitudes and positive behaviours make for positive workplace culture.

Like you, we’re always looking for ideas to enhance employee retention. We understand that every employee represents a significant investment on behalf of a business. When a good employee exists, it can be a setback to morale, bottom line, and overall staff happiness.

It starts with you.

Encouraging ideal behaviours, engagement and message need to come from the top down. If employees see managers and peers taking part in healthier workplace activities, they will be encouraged to take part themselves.

Boost confidence with recognition.
Now is a great time to make sure every voice is heard and acknowledged. It’s your job to motivate and lead your employees. Hold regular meetings, both as a team and one-on-one. Focus on the positives, show your appreciation for their efforts before communicating the negatives, and typically offer praise publically.

Set-up employees up for success.
Are there any policies, tools, people or equipment keeping your staff from performing their work and reaching goals? Spend time removing roadblocks. This small act will increase happiness, creativity and boost productivity. Set up your employees for success, and watch how it directly impacts their wellbeing and self-worth.

Actually, speak to staff.
There is no point in offering yoga classes if your staff would prefer pilates. As with all areas of life, communication is key. Asking staff what they want from their wellness offering empowers them and will lead to a more engaging program.

Believe in and practice a healthy work-life balance.
Set clear boundaries and expectations for working after hours or at home, time off and availability. Make a rule of not contacting staff after working hours and make use of out of office replies – the emails can wait! Managers set an example with their actions – employees will follow and respect these boundaries for themselves and others.

Read the room.
Take the time to know and understand your employee’s mental health. Encourage employees to leave an hour early after an incredibly stressful day. Schedule weekly team lunches, go on a walking meeting or plan a team-building activity that brings everyone together. Reading your employee’s and reacting accordingly can forge stronger bonds and create loyal, hardworking staff.

Create a space dedicated to health and wellbeing.
Allocate space in the office for staff to sit, clear their mind or even meditate. Don’t have any space rooms – turn a conference room into a calm space for a few hours every day. Providing a dedicated area creates a mini oasis for employees to access when they need some time alone.

Reinforce health through your existing newsletter or intranet.
One of the most significant hurdles for companies is trying to turn awareness into direct action. Offer simple, quick tips to let your staff know that you take their health and wellness seriously – it creates a healthier, less stressful space.

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