Here are the podcasts you need to listen to; to become the ultimate communicator instantly.

Podcasts have transformed our daily grind- with shows ranging from true crime to education to interviews with industry authorities; there is a podcast for everything.

Here are the best podcasts we think can make you the ultimate communicator.

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Improve your communication skills in the workplace

Back to work
Back to Work is a talk show with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin – the two discuss productivity, communication, work, barriers, constraints, tools, and more. Despite being a show about many things, you can find great episodes dedicated to exploring communication.

Try this one #253: Ty Lambo

Communicate to Motivate
“Turn the personal into the powerful” This one is not for those who loathe over-the-top motivation. Hosted by Dr Jim Van Allan, a speaker & trainer for schools and companies across the USA, it mixes entertaining stories, helpful information, and valuable tips to help you improve your communication skills in all relationships. With over a decade of practice serving individuals and organisations with communication, leadership, and personal development skills – he has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Ideas & leaders
Are you looking to excel in your career? Join Dr Elena Paweta weekly, executive communication coach and TEDx organiser, as she interviews business leaders and entrepreneurs on business communication, leadership and building relationships. Listen and learn how to become more charismatic and impactful in the workplace.

Try this one – Moving Your Business Online: The Art of Effective Online Communication – Kealan Harrington.

Think fast – talk smart
Think Fast, Talk Smart provides the tools, techniques, and best practices to help you communicate more effectively. Hosted by Join Matt Abrahams, a lecturer of Strategic Communication at Stanford Graduate School of Business chats with experts to discuss real-world challenges and their effect on how we behave and communicate and offers tangible advice on communicating ideally in different situations.

Try this one: Quick Thinks: How to Shine Online and Excel at Virtual Communication.

The Workplace Communication Podcast
A straight forward podcast for leaders who want to elevate performance within their teams and if you’re looking to refine your leadership communication skills. Workplace Communication Expert – Lindsay Lapaquette interviews a range of experts on leadership growth, productive communication and more.

Try these to boost your water-cooler talk in the workplace:

Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions
In this pairing, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and actor Rashida Jones address the big questions in life: Is there an absolute truth? Is inequality inescapable? Is it too late to stop climate change? – There are only five episodes so far – but they all worth your time! Gates and Jones break down topics to make them informative and optimistic without being alarmist.

Your Broccoli Weekly
Staying in the know is easier with Your Broccoli Weekly. In this podcast, host Diyora Shadijanova selects exciting stories from the week and breaks them into digestible, insightful episodes. Your Broccoli Weekly tackles the core issues often overlooked or avoided. Educational and engaging, this podcast will give you a heap of culture and politics to discuss.

Try this one: How is the lockdown affecting our mental health?

How I Built This
Ever wondered how some of the world’s biggest brands got their start? Have you ever wondered how some of the world’s most influential brands got their start? ‘How I Built This’ provides its listeners with a chance to discover the stories behind now-huge businesses. Speaking to a different inventor/creator in each episode, we hear origin stories told by the people who lived it.

Try this one: Bumble – Whitney Wolf

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