9 habits to help you restore, focus and destroy fatigue now that we’re out of lockdown and back at the workplace

Be a super-planner by setting the “work by the hour’ rule.

By scheduling all your tasks hour by hour, you will:

  • Know what needs to be completed by the end of the day.
  • You will successfully set realistic expectations and be able to predict how long each task will take.
  • It presents you with a clear plan, so you know what task to start once completing an item
  • You can easily create a path of prioritisation based on your energy levels.

Use the two-minute rule.
If a task takes less than two minutes to complete, follow the rule and do it right now. Attempt to get on top of small jobs as they pop up. Take two minutes and do it; you will be surprised by how much you can achieve in just a few minutes. Think:

  • Replying to an email
  • Creating new folders in a shared drive
  • Adding a graphic to a proposal
  • Clearing your inbox
  • Uploading a document a teammate needs

Make your working space clean and organised.
If you want to organise your thoughts, focus on a single task effectively and if you value your well-being – you need a work setting that encourages this kind of clarity. So hop to it and clean up your workspace! Organise your computer desktop, remove any clutter from your desk, don’t eat where you work and put away your dirty dishes.

Eliminate distractions.
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  • Remove any notifications – Nothing is worse than having constant pings, buzzes, whistles, and bells throw off your concentration.
  • Block access to any distracting websites.

Check your posture.
Ever noticed how distracting it is when you’re sitting in an uncomfortable position? Don’t underestimate the importance of sitting or standing comfortable while working. To be able to focus on the task at hand entirely, assess your current seating space and readjust to find a relaxed posture that works best for you (and no -we don’t mean lying down!)

Take a break from your devices.
Simple – turn off your phone or set it to silent when you need to complete a task that requires your full focus. Close any unnecessary group chats, turn off chat notifications and change your status to ‘Busy’.

Forget multitasking.
Multitasking is basically a myth, and with the number of activities crammed in our usual routine – switching between them is likely to make you tired and distracted, not the multitasking hero you thought you would be. To complete a task successfully and without mistakes, you need to focus solely on the task. So pick one and go from there.

Use tech to help train your brain.
Right now, there are so many tools, apps, and work management tools available to help you become the focused worker you always wanted to be. These innovative platforms are designed to help you reclaim your brain space, keep on top of your schedule, report progress, and teach you to switch off.

Know your body clock.
Whether you’re an early or late riser, what matters is keeping to your body’s clock to get the most out of your day. We all have natural rhythms that influence our ability to focus and produce.
The best suggestion is to match your highest priority tasks to your most productive hours of the day.

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