Apps to Help You Work Better from Home

Working from home isn’t always easy. Most of us are overworked or struggling to stay productive within our homes with an abundance of distractions. At the same time, some are having trouble efficiently communicating and connecting with clients and co-workers. Thankfully, we are living in a digital age; with plenty of apps available to help keep us productive, motivated, connected to co-workers and friends and some that promise to make remote work enjoyable and stress-free.

Here are our top fav apps to improve your work-from-home life immediately.



Looking to drown out unwanted outside noises ( your neighbours renovating?) Noisli generates background noise and colour for working and relaxing. Creating high-quality ambient sounds that help you focus while working, relieve anxiety, or to relax in between meetings.


Calm has a range of mediation options to keep you cool, calm and collected during your workday. There are basic and introductory guided meditation sessions, multi-day series that focus on specific goals, and short 10-minute programs for when you need to squeeze in your meditation quickly.

Simple Habit

Simple Habit is for those of us feeling overwhelmed or overworked.
Offering guided mindfulness & meditation, daily motivation, guided sleep sessions and coaching by world-renowned experts, personalised for the way you live your life.


Forest is perfect for anyone who gets easily distracted by their phone. Learn how to stay focused in an inspiring new way and help beat your phone addiction. How it works: By planting a seed in Forest, you’ll watch it slowly grow into a tree. But if you leave the app to view a text message or check social media, then the plant quickly dies, and you will have to start over.


A Powerful time management tool. Ever wondered how much time a day you spend on social media? RescueTime tracks everything you do on your device and analyses your level of productivity. If you want to reduce or monitor the time you spend on certain websites or tasks, the app allows you to limit your time on each platform.



Looking for a simple scheduling tool? Doodle is a perfect vehicle to send out short polls of any kind and get a quick response from your team. You can propose several times and ask participants to select their preferences. The best part is that you don’t need to have the app to participate.


Are you a team leader or manager looking to build trust, collaboration, and drive team performance. OfficeVibe is a great way to monitor everyone’s wellbeing and happiness. Your team members get regular direct messages with questions to answer about their current mood and feelings. The answers are then sent anonymously to you, the team leader.


Box allows you to save and share important files securely. And it can easily connect with tools like Office 365 and Google Apps.
With Box, you can quickly have all your files at your fingertips, access your data from any device, easily share important photos, videos, notes and other documents plus more.

Quip is what we use at OITC and is our preferred way of file sharing and collaborating across all teams. It enables you to create, view and edit documents, spreadsheets and task lists. Leave comments and have discussions within single documents. You can access on any device and can import and export documents.

Toggl is a leader in the time tracking space. With a single click, you can track and save your time anywhere you go. Perfect for those who need to track time against projects. ( freelancers this is for you!) Features a handy dashboard to review and create reports.


A lifesaver for anyone who has multiple accounts and passwords they need to remember daily.LastPass stores usernames and passwords for all of your online accounts securely, and allows you to safely and conveniently share passwords with others.

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