Suggestions to Keep You Balanced Throughout Your Workweek

Keeping your work life and personal life balanced leads to a healthier, more fulfilled life, overall. While you may not have all the hours available to you for endless ‘self-care’ rituals, you should aim to commit to a few simple activities to help you survive the working week.

Look after your body
Stress is real and has a genuine impact on your body. You can help reduce the strain on your body by eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep and drinking enough water.
Try implementing quick fixes in stressful times; take small breaks throughout the day and stretch, and when you finally get home – take time out from your devices. Make sure that you get a fair amount of sleep and give your body ample time to recover and prepare for the following day.

Get creative
Scheduling time to be creative is a great way to boost productivity and reduce stress. Set time aside to focus on your chosen creative outlet, be it writing, painting, playing music or singing in the shower. Nurturing your creative side will leave you feeling fulfilled and increase your self-esteem, which directly impacts how you function in the workplace and social interactions.

Learn to relax
Being ‘on’ all the time doesn’t make you any more productive. Moments of relaxation bring you back with better concentration, clarity, learning ability, and motivation. The actions or activities that relax us can be anything from meditating, knitting to taking a long drive or walk. Our personalities and preferences shape what relaxes us. When you discover what relaxes you, do those activities daily, because you will benefit from them.

Create a simple process for ending the workday
Just as we do at the start of the day, why not establish a process for closing off the day’s work. A series of mindful habits will force you to disconnect from work at the same time every day, and by doing so, you will work more efficiently throughout the day. Think: clearing your inbox of any old unnecessary emails, or create a list of to-dos for the following day or by simply ending on a high note by expressing gratitude.

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