Your Social Media Questions Answered Here:

With the social media landscape evolving continually, there’s always something new to learn. If you own a business or are the business, you need to be active on social media. Its no longer simply enough to have accounts sitting there with pre-generated content, you want to be active and use your platforms to build your audience and enhance your customer experience.

Here are the latest frequently asked ‘social media how-to’ questions.

“What should we be posting?”
Before you say “we don’t have enough content to post all the time” think about everything that happens in your life or workplace in 24 hours. Start with what you know! Think of the central ‘WHY’ to your business and use this to promote your product or service. Generally speaking, great social media content and brand engagement come from telling a story and inviting customers to be part of that story.

Is Facebook still relevant for business?
Yes! But, now you need to have more than a business page. Creating an online community will give you direct access to your existing clients while creating a viable way of building highly engaged discussions, that can take off because it’s not as intimidating as a business page. Its a chance to hear what your customers want and need, and one of the best ways to retain and create value in the closed group is by holding question-and-answer sessions and creating exclusive content and offers for your community.

What should we use Direct Messaging for?
Direct Messaging or DM’ing has completely changed the online business game. By creating a private vehicle for followers to talk to profiles and businesses instantly. Use it as a way to thank someone for buying from you, invite your top followers to exclusive events and send offers directly to them, quickly respond to product questions and instantly dissolve a dispute before it gets heated publicly.

How do we grow our partnerships online?
Other businesses with the same client base as you make for excellent partners and can be a simple way to grow your brand and community by leveraging off the trust they have built within their social community. Use your time on social media to search these brands out, start conversations through direct message and engage with their community. Then once you’re comfortable, suggest to run competitions together and co-host events IRL and finally work out a system where you refer business to each other.

Do we need to do Live videos?
Right now, Live video has become an indispensable social media strategy for businesses, we’re all craving connectivity during this experience, and most are seeking out companies and brands they can trust. Keep people updated on your business’s current circumstances by going live – this will help to create an essential bond with your clients and allows them to connect with you immediately.

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